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SC-1 Mic Preamp NOW ON SALE!!!!

After many months of development, testing, troubleshooting, frustration, problems, and accomplishments... the SC-1 mic preamp kit, PSU-1848 power supply kit and power transformer kits are now available for sale!

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Photo of a finished SC-1 mic preamp kit!  (Note: XLR jacks and wires shown on picture not included in the kit.)

- Low-Noise, transformerless, High-Quality Mic Preamp
- All solid-state design, using chipsets from THAT Corp and Burr-Brown
- Soft-start, slow ramp-on +48V phantom power
- Crystal clear Red LED indicator for phantom power
- Electronically balanced input and output stages
- 12-position Grayhill gain selector switch
- Gain range from +6 to +72dB, in 6dB increments
- Input RFI protection
- Input clamping protection
- Output surge protection circuit
- Output RFI protection
...

Listen to Audio/Demo Sound clips!

Download PDF file of Assembly Guide/Kit Instructions

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The compressor is cloned/based from an old SSL4044E desk, dating back from '85. The SSL mixbus compressor is an integral part of the mixer's main quad fader and autofade system - cards 82E26 and 82E27.

I found a shop here in Nashville selling Gyraf gear. They're selling something called the SSL compressor. Could they have the same innards?   Their Gyraf SSL compressor is selling for $2,500!

The circuit uses opamps to achieve balanced outputs... I'm going to add transformers too to impart some flava!

Shots of my PCB with 99% of the components stuffed. I'm missing a few resistors and trimmers and one voltage regulator.

I still have a few missing parts, so I ordered a few resistors from Then it's time to rack this baby.



Finished working on the chassis, drilling holes and stuff. Here are some pics. The SSL compressor is the black box.

Profile shot:

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