Yamaha PM1000 Rack Project

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So what if we take a channel strip and rack it into a standard 19" chassis? This project aims to do just that.

The before shot, all the potentiometer plastic knobs have been pulled out. This is pre-op.

Unscrewed the front panel that has the equipment markings.

I got the back and top and bottom panels unscrewed. Only the front panel remains. The silver looking can is the input transformer. The slider potentiometer isn't really a slide pot but a normal potentiometer with a guidetrack. Very ingenious!

Here's a pic of the other end... the edge connector is still connected. I need to figure out which wire goes to which wire. The schematic plans downloaded from the Yamaha website provided the answers. It made my job simpler.

I hooked up some wires and tested the preamp to see if it's working. I don't want to spend all this work and find out that the preamp is broken. It passes signal, we're good to go.

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