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This is to document my DIY Midi Controller project. Get the plans here...

Get the PCB, PIC & parts at SmashTV... link can be found on above site too. Get your pots, switches, and knobs at your favorite store. You select what kind of knob, pots, switches to use. Be creative!

Some pictures!

From left to right... the MIDI Jacks (for IN, OUT, THRU), the parts for the CORE module (i.e. the heart of the project), the PIC chip (i.e. the brain of the project), and the CORE PCB.

This is the Digital Input module that interfaces with the CORE module. The DIN module allows you to use push button switches in your Midi controller.

This is the Analog Input module that also interfaces with the CORE module. The AIN module allows you to use potentiometers/knobs for your Midi Controller project.

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