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All Mic Preamp Kits and Power Supply Kits come with double-sided PCB, with plated through holes, top silkscreen and solder mask. Professionally Designed and Manufactured PCB.



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Current and Completed Audio Projects
Neve 1272 Mic Preamp -
A Class A mic preamp based on classic Neve console.
UREI 1176 Clone Compressor
I'm building an 1176 clone Compressor. Click here for details.
Melcor Discrete Op-Amp -
Inspired by API mic preamp's use of discrete opamp. Using transistors and discrete components. About 1" square PCB.
SSL Buss Compressor
This is a clone of the stereo bus compressor used in SSL boards. This is not a kit, but PCB was readymade.
Build your own Stereo Mic for less than $10
Build a stereo mic using electret condenser microphones.
MIDI Controller
Building my own MIDI controller. Knobs, knobs, and more knobs.
PRE-1048 Mic Preamp - Class A, discrete My take on a Class A mic preamp inspired by Neve design. All discrete with transformer, everything on a single PCB. Sony MXP-3000 Mic Preamp -
Preamps used in the Sony MXP console.. using opamps and transformers. PCB bought on eBay.
Dissecting a Behringer Mixer
Autopsy of a Behringer mixer. What's inside this thing?
Unbalanced to balanced line converter
Convert unbalanced lines to balanced lines using this simple circuit.
Unbalanced to balanced line converter - Part 2
Using a Burr-Brown DRV134/135 to convert unbalanced to balanced signals
ISO BOX - Unbalanced to balanced line converter
Reduce hum and noise by using an audio transformer to offer complete isolation.
Altec 1599A Mixer upgrade
Convert an old Altec 6-to1 mixer into 6-in, 6-out vintage mic preamp. Design your own PCB.
Inside the KRK RP8
My KRK is broke. Studying the PCB design and fixing the problem.
Yamaha PM1000 Rack Preamp -
Convert a PM1000 channel strip PCB to a rack-mounted mic preamp
McCurdy Amp PCB Board
A cool circuit made by this famous Canadian manufacturer.

More DIY Projects

Power Supply +/-18V with
+48VDC phantom power
A project for supplying power to audio circuits, including +48V phantom. From etching the PCB, to soldering.
Canon EOS Camera Cable Release/Remote
How to DIY a camera cable release/remote
Digital Preamp Project
This is a DIY project attempting to build a digital interface for analog preamps.
How to build your own cable
DIY Projects How to build your own stereo microphone for less than $10
Build your own MP3 Player How to calibrate your recording levels
How to create professional looking chassis MIDI Drums using DIY triggers
PCB CAD Design software DIY Headphone Amp Gallery
DIY: Building an 1176 Compressor Attention: Moogheads... Builld your own Modular Synths
DIY API Preamp Project Build your own Stompboxes!
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